The Vital Role of Urgent Care in Preventive Healthcare

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It’s getting harder and harder to find affordable, accessible, and quality healthcare services, especially when it comes to maintaining optimal health and preventing more severe complications.

You may not think of your local urgent care as the place for preventive healthcare, but today these medical facilities are emerging as a necessary component of the preventive healthcare framework.

Combining the attributes of convenience, accessibility, and comprehensive medical services, urgent care plays a vital role in promoting preventive healthcare practices in numerous ways.

So, let’s explore the various aspects of urgent care and its crucial role in preventive healthcare.

Urgent Care Center 101

Urgent care is a healthcare facility that provides immediate medical attention to patients experiencing non-life-threatening conditions. Urgent care centers are typically open outside of regular office hours, including evenings, weekends, and some holidays.

Urgent care centers emphasize convenience and bridging the gap for patients seeking immediate medical assistance while offering a range of services such as diagnostic tests, treatment for minor injuries and illnesses, and routine check-ups.

Comprehensive and Preventive Services

Contrary to popular belief, urgent care centers are not solely focused on acute, immediate care. Most urgent care facilities also offer a wide range of preventive services, contributing to the overall well-being of patients. Some of the preventive services provided by Heavens Urgent Care include:

Routine Check-ups and Physical Examinations

We offer routine check-ups and comprehensive physical examinations to help our patients detect early signs of potential health issues. These examinations often include vital tests, such as blood pressure monitoring, cholesterol level assessment, and screening for various diseases like diabetes or cancer. By identifying underlying health concerns at an earlier stage, we can help you facilitate timely interventions, and prevention, and even reduce long-term healthcare costs.

Health Promotion and Education

We are proud to provide health education and materials to help educate individuals seeking immediate medical assistance. Whether it’s discussing lifestyle modifications, nutrition advice, smoking cessation programs, or educating patients about the importance of regular screenings, our facility looks for opportunities to help our patients gain knowledge regarding preventive measures that can significantly enhance their overall health.

10 Ways to Prevent Lifestyle Diseases

  1. Blood Pressure Tests
  2. Diabetes Screening
  3. Cholesterol Tests
  4. Routine Vaccinations* (Flu, Pneumonia, Shingles)
  5. STD Screenings
  6. Well-Child Visits
  7. Annual Exams
  8. Get Enough Sleep
  9. Good Dental Care/Hygiene
  10. Avoid Alcohol

Cost-Effective and Efficient Care

Urgent care centers, like Heavens Urgent Care, offer cost-effective alternatives to more expensive healthcare settings like emergency rooms (ERs). For non-life-threatening conditions, urgent care centers provide high-quality care at a fraction of the cost that would be incurred in an emergency department.

And with the addition of convenient virtual care, urgent care centers should be the first choice in seeking preventive care, to help reduce the burden on the healthcare system and to lower overall healthcare costs. Click here to learn more about virtual urgent care.

Reducing nonurgent emergency department (ED) use is a well‐known—yet elusive—health policy goal. According to the most recent National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Survey, 28% of ED visits in 2017 were neither urgent nor emergent, though most prior studies suggest this number is upwards of 30%. Given the high expense associated with ED care, substantial savings could be achieved if nonemergent patients were treated in less costly care settings.

Source: National Library of Medicine PMC8313962

Continuity of Care and Medical Records

Heavens Urgent Care and most other centers are “all-in” when it comes to digital healthcare systems. The benefit of a digital healthcare system is that it provides efficient communication and the seamless transfer of medical records. This streamlined approach enables our medical providers to have access to a patient’s medical history to facilitate their continuity of care.

This timely access to patient records also empowers us to make informed decisions regarding preventive healthcare, ensuring that our patients receive appropriate follow-up care, accurate diagnoses, and appropriate preventive interventions. Without a doubt, urgent care centers have transformed the traditional landscape of preventive healthcare.

Heavens Urgent Care is so accessible. We are proud to be a part of the San Tan Valley – Apache Junction community. Our aim is to provide the best in comprehensive services, accessibility, and digital-online care with early interventions, routine check-ups, and health education.

*Heavens Urgent Care currently does not offer routine vaccines but can provide tetanus if needed for a skin wound.


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